QoWL Full Survey Service

Our Full Survey Service has bespoke elements and is more flexible. We provide a full reporting on Quality of Working Life that includes breakdowns by staff category question.

This service costs from £10,000 exclusive of VAT.


  • Full Quality of Working Life online survey set up and support
  • Open to organisations of any size
  • Benchmarked results, including sector benchmarks where available
  • Up to 10 organisation-specific questions are included, and help with question design
  • An Full Quality of Working Life Report from 130 pages (the report length depends on factors such as the number of breakdowns required)

The full report includes:

  • Introduction
  • Benchmarked overall Quality of Working Life analysis
  • Benchmarked Feedback on organisational results for each of the Work-Related Quality of Life (WRQoL) Factors
  • Breakdowns by staff category of WRQoL Factors (two breakdowns are included)
  • Summary feedback on the results from QoWL’s Work & well-being Outcome Scale
  • Benchmarked Feedback on organisational results for HSE Stress Management Standards Factors
  • Breakdowns by staff category of HSE Factors (two breakdowns are included)
  • Breakdowns by staff category of all individual survey questions (two breakdowns are included)
  • Feedback on results for organisation-specific questions
  • Advanced statistical analysis on factors that predict overall quality of working life within the organisation
  • Sample sizes and frequencies from the biographical and staff category questions
  • Qualitative analysis of open question responses
  • Counts and percentages for all questions
  • A visit from our consultant to present and explain the findings, and respond to queries.

Also provided as a separate document is:

  • An executive summary of the full report (our impressions of the key results (organisational results and breakdowns) with recommendations.

Available at additional cost are:

  • Paper-based questionnaires (including design and processing)
  • Further organisation-specific questions (as many as you require)
  • Breakdowns of answers to organisation-specific questions by staff and biographical categories as required
  • Further staff category breakdowns (two are included) and biographical category breakdowns as required
  • Departmental reports provided separately for each department for action planning purposes
  • Advanced statistical analysis on desired outcomes of interest to the organisation

To find out more, please contact us.