QoWL Organisational Survey Service

Our Organisational Survey Service provides an ‘organisational’ report based on an overview of the analysis of the results from your Quality of Working Life survey.

This service costs from £5,000 exclusive of VAT.


  • Full Quality of Working Life online survey set up and support
  • Open to organisations of any size
  • Benchmarked results, including sector benchmarks where available
  • Up to 5 organisation-specific questions, including help with question design
  • An Organisational Quality of Working Life Report of approx 40 pages

The report includes:

  • Introduction
  • Benchmarked overall Quality of Working Life analysis
  • Benchmarked Feedback on organisational results for each of the Work-Related Quality of Life (WRQoL) Factors
  • Summary feedback on the results from QoWL’s Work & well-being Outcome Scale
  • Benchmarked Feedback on organisational results for HSE Stress Management Standards Factors
  • Summary feedback on results for organisation-specific questions
  • Advanced statistical analysis on factors that predict overall quality of working life within the organisation
  • Sample sizes and frequencies from the biographical and staff category questions
  • Counts and percentages for all questions

Also provided as a separate document is:

  • An executive summary (our impressions of the key results with recommendations)

Available at additional cost are:

  • Paper-based questionnaires (including design and processing)
  • Qualitative analysis of open question responses
  • A visit from our consultant to present and explain the findings, and respond to queries.

Please note that this service provides a comprehensive ‘organisational’ report but not breakdowns. If you require any of the following, you will need our full survey service:

  • Breakdowns by staff categories
  • Breakdowns by biographical categories
  • Advanced statistical analysis of desired outcomes
  • More than 5 organisation-specific questions

To find out more, please contact us.