What employers fear

Most employers who have not recently conducted a staff survey are afraid of doing so as they are unsure whether they will get a positive response from employees.

In our experience most employees of an organisation are generally satisfied with their jobs, as most people who are unhappy with their jobs over time will leave. Of those who appear to be unhappy with their job, often personal issues are mentioned.

Sometimes whole departments or work areas may show a poor QoWL, and these may be cases for some type of further investigation or intervention. Often even public recognition of the problem by employers can be enough to raise morale whilst measures are put in place, or information explaining the situation is provided.

Employers in our experience find the information about QoWL contributes helpfully in heading off potential future problems and issues.

If you have a concern about a particular issue or work area, why not see how these issues have been addressed by others in our Frequently asked questions section, or contact us to discuss how we might assess and might suggest you address the problem.