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Quality or Working Life Surveys and services are provided by memberas and associates of our team.
Picture of Dr Darren Van Laar

Dr Darren Van Laar

- Principal Consultant

Darren is a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Information Technology Professional and Ergonomist. He is a Reader in Applied Psychology at the University of Portsmouth where he is also Director of the University Graduate School. Darren has a PhD from Imperial College, London, an MSc from York University and his BSc (Hons) Psychology degree is from Manchester Polytechnic.

Darren has conducted research and provided advice for organisations such as BNFL, Network Rail, NHS PCTs, NHS Hospital Trusts, LEAs and Universities on designing workplace information and on conducting surveys. Darren also teaches and provides training on topics such as psychological research methods, statistics, psychometric testing and the SPSS statistical program. Top


Photo of Mr Simon Easton

Mr Simon Easton

- Principal Consultant

Simon is a chartered Clinical Psychologist and has been advising clients and organisations about occupational mental health issues since 1985.

Simon has a B.Sc. in Psychology from University of Exeter and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from University of Liverpool. Simon is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Member of the Clinical Psychology Division of the British Psychological Society. Simon Easton provides an independent clinical psychology clinic in Southampton. He provides psychological interventions, and specialises in assessment for, and preparation of, psycho-legal reports and fitness for work/mental health assessment. He is listed with The Law Society, preparing some 50 or so reports each year, as well as carrying out psychological assessments for employers. He provides assessment and therapy services through major national Employee Assistance Programmes, and for local organisations in the public and private sectors. Top




- Our organisation!

QoWL At QoWL we aim to help organisations provide the best possible work experience for their employees. Our overall intention is to improve the productivity and performance of an organisation through increased employee work happiness, commitment and engagement. Uniquely, QoWL combines University level research expertise and professional psychological understanding alongside years of real world business experience. QoWL has a complicated etymology. QoWL is a Research and Consultancy Group within the Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth, PO1 2DY. Top