Our Research

We aim to publish high quality research about Quality of Working Life and to produce the best possible technical reports for clients.

We have been developing our theory of quality of working life in organisations for more than 15 years.  

The latest research papers in the field usually quote our original WRQoL scale development journal article:

Van Laar, D. L., Edwards, J. A. & Easton, S. (2007). The Work-Related Quality of Life (QoWL) scale for Healthcare Workers. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 60(3), 325–333.

Google Scholar provides a good overview of the latest papers and research projects referring to this paper.

Selected related journal articles by the QoWL research team

Fontinha, R., Van Laar, D., Easton, S. (2019). Overtime and Quality of Working Life in Academics and non-Academics: The Role of Perceived Work-life Balance. International Journal of Stress Management. https://doi.org/10.1037/str0000067

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