WRQoL scale used Worldwide

500 researchers from 45 countries worldwide have used the WRQoL scale

QoWL research achieved another milestone when it was revealed that the 500th researcher had requested to use the WRQoL scale in their research. Researchers from 45 countries have sought to use the WRQoL questionnaire in their research into the quality of working life and wellbeing of employees. The researchers range from undergraduates to PhD students to Nurses to Professors.

Dr Darren Van Laar who deals with enquiries for the scale said "We receive a large number of requests each year from researchers requesting permission to use the WRQoL, with the scale itself being downloaded over 2000 times a year. I have been surprised at the range of countries researchers are from and at some of the areas where a surprisingly large number of researchers use the scale. The scale was most popular in India last year with 359 downloads, followed by the UK with 332, but 96 researchers from the Phillipines and 75 from Thailand also downloaded it. Interest from researchers in Iran has led to a popular Farsi translation. We have had researchers from as far away as Papua New Guinea and Vietnam request to use our scale."

The WRQoL scale contains 23 questions answered on a 5 point satisfaction scale and assesses the key factors that predict the perceived quality of a person's working life. The WRQoL scale has been translated into many languages including Chinese, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Welsh and the translations are freely available to other researchers.

Colour coded map of teh world showing where teh WRQoL scale has been used
Source of the 2034 WRQoL scale download requests between March 2016 and March 2017, with darker shades of blue illustrating more downloads by researchers.

Our help with your research

If you are a public sector or university researcher and you would like to translate a version of the WRQoL scale or to use it in your research, then please contact us through our enquiry form.