QoWL Research

QoWL isn't just about conducting surveys, we also conduct research and publish high quality research about Quality of Working Life.

We have been developing our theory of quality of working life in organisations across the last 10 years. The psychometric scales we have developed include the world famous WRQoL scale as well as the WWO scale and QBI survey tool. If you want to know more about our research, want to help us with our research or to use one of our scales, then please contact us.

Want to use our scales for your own research?

To use our scales, scoring sheets or to download the WRQoL user manual, please go to our researcher downloads area.

Our research articles

If you’d like to see the research we’ve published related to quality of working life, please check out our list of research articles.

QoWL General Research themes

The following are the big work and well-being issues that we are researching at the moment:

If you’re interested in any of these themes, for instance if you’re writing an article for a paper or a magazine, or you’re producing a radio or TV programme, please let us know.

Benchmarking Research

One of our major research aims is to develop multiple QoWL benchmarks, across different sectors, and internationally, through working with different types of organisations, researchers, and consultants.

At the moment, we’re particularly interested in working with medium/large private sector organisations and with local authorities (and with membership organisations / Trade Unions that work in those sectors). But please let us know, whatever sector you’re in, wherever you are, if you think you can help us with our QoWL research.


Student Projects

If you are a student or researcher and would like to use the WRQoL or other scale in your research, please contact us, telling us a little bit about the research and yourself.