QoWL REF 2014 Impact Case Study judged 'Outstanding' by Expert Panel

The 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) was a national evaluation of the research of UK universities. Expert panels of researchers judged university research outputs and environments. For the first time panels also judged the practical impact of research. Entered in the University of Portsmouth Business and Management Studies unit of assessment, the impact case study that described the work of the QoWL Research Group was judged to be world class and described as 'Outstanding'.

Dr Darren Van Laar of the University of Portsmouth said "We are so very pleased that the work of our research group has been recognised to be of world class quality and importance. We are proud to be held up as an example of where high quality university-based research can be used to change the lives of people across the world for the better."

The QoWL impact case study was based on evidence of the national as well as international reach of the QoWL research group, from helping the UK Health and Safety Executive to assess the stress of over a million workers, to influencing the work of hundreds of researchers attemping to improve the quality of working life of employees around the globe.

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