The QoWL Work and Wellbeing Outcome question set

What aspects of work and wellbeing is WRQoL related to?

As part of our assessment methods we have been developing a list of outcome measures that can be used to assess the effects of interventions and chnages in WRQoL in sample populations.

The scale contains 20 items each evaluated on a 5 point Likert scale. The QoWL Work and Wellbeing Outcome (QWWO) question set contains items which measure job satisfaction, subjective productivity, organisational commitment intention to quit and other key occupational outcomes.

We have developed norm tables for a primary education group, a professional society group, a national charity group, a University general staff group and a University union member group.

We are also building up the construct validity of this measure by distributing it alongside relevant other questionnaires and scales. We currently have data for the QoWL Work and Wellbeing Outcome scale and:

  • Generalised Self Efficacy scale
  • HSE Stress Management Standards scale
  • Emotional Intelligence scale
  • Eysenck's Personality Inventory (EPI)
  • and our own WRQoL Quality of Working Life scale

Your help with our research

If you are a public sector or university researcher and you would like to help us validate the QoWL Workplace Outcome scale by distributing the questionnaire in your area, then please have a look at our particpants page or contact us through our enquiry form.

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