Etymology of 'QOWL'

Here at QoWL we are often asked how to pronounce 'qowl' and if the word means anything outside of 'quality of working life'.

When we talk to other people we usually pronounce the letters of the name: Q.O.W.L.

Between ourselves here at QoWL we usually pronounce the word 'kwol'.  QoWL pronounciation

Although we don't do it - we realise QoWL can also be pronouced as 'cool', 'call', 'coal' or 'cole'.

QOWL, qowl and QoWL are all registered trademarks of QoWL - that is - QoWL®.

In order to avoid confusion when people hear us say the name, our website can also be accessed using

Interesting facts

By coincidence there is a Hebrew word 'qowl' which is pronounced 'cole' and variously means 'the thunderous voice of God', or to call.  

There is a city in Afghanistan whose name is usually translated into English as QoWL

The word 'qowl' (meaning 'saying' or 'word' in Persian and Arabic) is used by Sufi Mulslims and is the origin for the word 'qawwali' or popular devotional music.


Please let us know if you know any more!