Core Service Overview

How does the Core survey service work?

We set up an online QoWL survey for you.

This is generally a straightforward task because we are using our core question set as the basis for your survey. Most of the questions do not vary. This is a very good thing as you can be sure the question set is reliable, valid and can be used for benchmarking! It also keeps the costs down. However, we do need to set up your staff category questions and these are always unique to the organisation.

We provide you with everything you need to run the anonymous, online QoWL survey e.g. email copy, links etc.

You tell us how best to contact your staff, we do everything else including provide you with example texts to persuade as many staff as possible to take part in the survey.

We run the online survey for you over an agreed period and monitor responses.

As soon as we close the survey, we get to work analysing the data and producing reports for you, as per your requirements. These could simply be summary reports looking at your organisational results if that is all you require, or more detailed reports with in-depth analysis and breakdowns by staff category.

We provide you with your reports.

Full colour reports with all findings explained in a sophisticated yet clear way.


Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to get a quote.