The WRQoL-2 scale under development

Second generation quality of working life scale is currently being tested

The WRQoL scale is one of the most psychometrically strong measures of work satisfaction and is widely used and well supported by the literature (see WRQoL User Manual). A major advantage of the WRQoL scale is that when paired with other scales and questions the reliability and validity of the scale can be constantly be assessed. Through a series of studies with with over 5000 staff from UK universities, the WRQoL scale has been used alongside other questions and scales, notably the HSE Stress scale and the Workplace Wellbeing Outcome scales. Subsequent psychometric analyses of this combination of scales has led to the production of a second generation of psychometric instrument to assess quality of working life, the WRQOL-2 scale. This scale appears to have even better psychometric properties than the original WRQoL scale and also includes a new employee engagement factor.

The new WRQoL-2 scale is being made freely available to all researchers on the same basis of the original WRQoL scale, in addition scoring instructions and IBM-SPSS syntax code is provided to help with analysis.

Your help to develop WRQoL-2

If you are thinking of using our quality of working life scales, please use the WRQoL-2 scale (the 32-item version contains all of the original WRQoL questions) and then let us know how you get on. More details are available from our downloads overview page, which also contains a link to the scales. If you have any queries about WRQoL-2 or how to use it in your organisation, then please contact us using our enquiry form.