Organisation Specific Questions

Add the questions that matter to your organisation

Most organisations have questions that they would like to ask employees but know cannot spare the time or do not have the expertise to set up their own survey. Adding organisation specific questions to the questions included in the QoWL survey means you can find out the answers to those burning questions you have for your organisation with the minimum of cost and effort.

Typically organisations have a topic area or areas they want to know the answers to. In the past few years we have collaborated to produce questions on the following topics.

  • Parking
  • Child care issues
  • Volunteer work / community involvement
  • Health and well being
  • Organisational commitment
  • Stress outside of work
  • Organisational occupational health provision

The answers to the questions are included within the report and enable organisations to relate answers to the organisation specific questions to factors including quality of working life, job satisfaction and stress.

For more information about how we could produce a questionnaire to survey a topic for your own organisation, or include questions within the existing QoWL survey, please contact us.