Quality of Working Life for staff in Schools
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The QoWL survey provides a quick and cost effective method to assess the quality of working life and well-being of school staff

Schools and Local education Authorities have been using the School version of the QoWL survey for nearly 10 years. Used annually, the survey not only allows a school to fulfill its obligations to survey staff well-being for their local LEA, but also to evaluate well-being initiatives.

What does the school have to do?

You send us an email outlining your interest and the number of staff you have. We will send you a quote along with an example report prepared for a school. If you want to go ahead we will send you an up-to-date pdf file of our schools questionnaire which you then print and pass to your staff along with a sealable envelope addressed to QoWL Normally the school collects the returned questionnaires and sends them to us for data entry and analysis. The full report, suitable for presentation to your Governors or a staff meeting, containing helpful summaries is then delivered to you within the month.

What is in the report?

The questionnaire covers four A4 sides of paper with approximately 100 questions. The answers to these questions are used to produce WRQoL and HSE factor scores. Further individual questions are also used to pickup on school-specific concerns.

South of England Primary School conducts its third annual QoWL Survey

As part of a long interest in staff well-being, a South of England Primary school has recently undertaken its third annual QoWL survey. the survey was used to assess the ongoing well-being and quality of working life of staff. The summary report allowed the school to not only track how staff have felt over the last three years but also allowed the school to fulfill its obligations to survey staff well-being for their local LEA.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our school or LEA surveys or to ask for a quote.