Our pricing is very straightforward and is based around the use of our QoWL survey tool and the analysis and reporting you need.

The QoWL Survey includes 3 psychometric scales:

  • The Work-Related Quality of Life (WRQoL) Scale
  • The QoWL Workplace Well-being Outcome (QWWO) Scale
  • The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Work-Related Stress Scale

You can have an analysis based on one, two or all three scales. there are various levels of report we can generate based on the analysis*.

  • Organisational Summary - Basic bechmark comparison showing the key WRQoL / HSE factors
  • Full Analysis - as above with breakdowns by department and occupational role for each question and with an analysis of any open questions
  • Super Analysis - as above with all questions broken down by additional categories (eg gender, type of contract, etc.)

We are also able to offer a 'Departmental Report' which provides data on the key factors from a department or area of the organisation conmpared with other areas.

If you would a quote for your organisation or you would like to see report examples, please contact us and we will send them to you.

*Please note that to safeguard anonymity and confidentiality we cannot provide feedback on groups with less than 10 staff responding.

Additional services

If you think you might require any of these additional services, just let us know and we will provide you with a quote:

  • Paper versions of the survey
  • Additional, organisation-specific questions
  • Additional open questions and qualitative analysis of comments
  • Initial focus groups
  • Consultancy follow-up

Please check out the core services page for further details.


We are able to provide a range of services such as well-being enhancement, organisational development, anti bullying and stress management training and consultancy that result in improvements to well-being and performance in any organisation. Please contact us for a quote or further information.