Which scales do you need in your QoWL Survey?

Which QoWL Scale do you need feedback on?

The answer really depends on what you need to measure in your organisation.

The 79-item QoWL Survey includes 3 psychometric scales that have all been extensively tested for reliability and validity:

  1. Work-related Quality of Life (WRQoL Scale)
  2. QoWL Workplace Well-being Outcome (QWWO) scale,
  3. Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Work-related Stress scale

Each scale measures different aspects of stress, well-being and wider quality of working life. You can simply choose which scale(s) you want feedback on. We can provide you with analysis and reporting on results from one scale, two scales, or all three scales together.

The information below will help you decide which scale you might need analysis on. However, if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll talk you through the options in more detail. For costs of analysis, please see the pricing page on our web site.


Work-Related Quality of Life (WRQoL) Scale

This 23-item scale, provides feedback on the 6 factors that have been found to predict and explain quality of working life. This scale is being used all over the world by researchers to measure and benchmark quality of working life. It’s a very good scale if you need feedback on factors that influence staff well-being and a broad measure of stress at work.

More details about the six factors and what each measures.


Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Work-Related Stress Scale

This 35-item scale provides feedback on the seven factors that have been found to contribute to work-related stress.  Use of this scale enables the organisation to assess stress risks in the organisation in line with HSE’s Management Standards framework. This is therefore the best scale to use for stress risk assessment. Please note however that this scale does not measure well-being or other positive factors in the working environment.  Therefore, if you want to assess stress risks but would also like feedback on staff well-being, you would be best to use this scale in combination with one or both of the other scales.

More details about the seven HSE factors and what each measures.


QoWL Workplace Well-being Outcome (QWWO) scale

This scale measures employee engagement as well as a wide range of specific outcomes linked to wellbeing at work. It’s usually used in conjunction with the one or both of the other scales in order to provide feedback on a wider range of specific workplace well-being outcomes.

More details about the Workplace Well-being Outcome factor and outcomes and what each measures.


Flexible and Cost-effective Services

A big advantage of our survey is that that employees complete all three scales, so you have the flexibility to choose the kinds of issues you want feedback on.  Because we have the data, you can always opt to get feedback on the other issues later.

For example, the priority for your organisation at this time might be to conduct a stress survey (risk assessment) in the organisation, and you may have a limited budget to do that.  To minimise the cost for you, we can focus exclusively on the stress data and give you benchmarked analysis on stress factors and questions only. 

However, you always have the reassurance that should you ever need or want feedback on staff well-being and wider quality of working life, we can provide that to you any time because we’ll have gathered the necessary data at the time of the survey.  This comprehensive data-set can then be used for benchmarking if/when you want to run the survey again at some point in the future.