Support for Local Authorities in Managing Stress
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Stress continues to be a significant problem for local authorities

As organisations, local authorities face a hugely challenging economic and operational environment. They are expected to deliver high quality services ever-more efficiently at reduced cost. Though already high, the pressure this places both on local authorities’ themselves and their employees is likely to increase further.

The risk this poses is therefore considerable in terms of employee engagement, illness and absence, and increased legal costs. And because of the nature of the tasks we need local authorities to carry out, many employees do jobs that are known to be among the most stressful such as teaching and social work.

Local authorities clearly need support both in assessing stress risks and tackling work-related stress problems.

QoWL is in the process of developing benchmarks for stress, well-being and quality of working life in the local authority sector. Having appropriate benchmarks enables local authorities both to assess their existing stress management performance and evaluate strategies and interventions designed to prevent stress and improve well-being at work.

How QoWL can help local authorities

Stress Risk Assessment and Well-being Surveys:

Using our QoWL survey tool and specialist survey services, we can provide benchmarked analysis of stress (HSE factors), quality of working life factors, and a wide range of workplace well-being outcomes. We have prepared one of our white papers on the theme of stress risk assessments in Local Authorities (199K) .


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