Use our quality of working life scales

Dear Researcher, many thanks for getting in touch with us.

I am pleased to hear you think our scale may be useful. The WRQoL scale is used by researchers in many countries and is based on our 15 years of research into the quality of working life.

The original WRQoL scale, its translations, the user manual and scoring key are all available through our downloads page. The user manual also contains the current norms so you can see how your sample differs from our benchmark.

You are free to copy the questionnaire in this form for your research or non-commercial project as long as you mention QoWL copyright and pass us a copy of your data to add to our benchmark data sets. Please use our data analysis checklist page for more details about the information we require and the correct spreadsheet correct format.

You may also be interested in our QoWL Workplace Wellbeing Outcome (WWO) scale, which provides a number of common outcome measures that have found to be related to Quality of Working Life.

Any items you want to use from our QoWL Biographical Information Scale would also helpful to us. If you have any queries or problems please contact us.

Other projects we are interested in

Although it is likely you will already have your project defined, we are especially interested in the following projects and may be able to offer you extra support in return for your data and permission to publish.

  • WRQoL scale used with older workers
  • WRQoL and other Job satisfaction scales
  • WRQoL and data from non-UK organisations
  • Data from translations of the WRQoL scale


As you imagine, we cannot support researchers who wish to use our scale in an unethical way. If you conduct your own research we ask you to assure us that you have full ethical permission from the relevant body to undertake your research. We offer the scales to you as they appear and do not accept responsibility for the way you use them or conclusions you draw.


If you wish to use one of our scales and send us your data in the format specified, please be assured that we will have no way of knowing who the people are in your sample. However, for our benchmarking and validation purposes, we need to describe your sample data in general terms at the very least - e.g. 'UK Engineers'; but so we know what benchmark sample we should file it under, we'd like to have as much detail as possible, e.g. 'Shop floor Marine engineers and managers at Vosper Thorneycroft site in Portsmouth'. Accompanying your data with answers to the questions from our WWO and/or QBI scales would also be very useful to us.

If your data are particularly interesting we may contact you with a view to publishing a paper on the subject.

When you have completed your research, please pass your data in Excel or SPSS format to us at, or use our contact form.

Hope this helps, & good luck with your research,

Dr Darren Van Laar