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QoWL Surveys

We have been providing expert survey services for more than ten years. The WRQol scale in particular is used all over the world.

Most of our survey work is related to assessing and analysing the quality of working life of individuals and organisations, but we provide expert advice and support on many types of survey project. Many people find our response rate survey tips useful. We follow strict guidelines set by the British Psychological Society and Market Research Society in order to protect confidentiality and maintain anonymity.

Please check out what's in our Quality of Working Life organisational survey tool.

Our survey enables us to measure the factors that explain and predict quality of working life, such as career and job satisfaction, work life balance, stress, and general well-being. We also have a good range of benchmarks to compare your organisation against.

We provide three levels of service to clients:

  • A Full Quality of Working Life Survey Service – this is a bespoke service with reporting on breakdowns of all factors and individual questions by staff category (and other biographical categories if required). It includes organisation-specific questions and qualitative analysis of open question comments, and advanced statistical analysis of desired outcomes.

Please see our survey details page for more infomration.

Consultancy Services

Our Chartered Psychologists and Consultants provide a wide range of consultancy services, including survey consultancy, training and interventions.

For example, we can help you in a range of ways with your survey, including design, reporting and advanced statistical analysis of your data. We can also support you in making positive changes to quality of working life, including facilitation of focus groups and action planning, bespoke training interventions, and a range of individual interventions.

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About QoWL

In addition to carrying out research on working life, QoWL provides surveys and consultancy services designed to improve quality of working life for employees. Such improvements enhance an employer’s reputation within its own workforce, in its sector, and in the wider community.

Quality of Working Life is defined as a measure of how good your work is for you. It is the widest context in which an employee would evaluate their work environment – much more than just job satisfaction or work happiness.